Sunday, September 1, 2013

It ain't easy living green...

Yesterday, I attended the "Belle Butters Presents: Hey Fran Hey | Natural Living Hair & Health" event. It was held in downtown STL and we got to meet, mix, and mingle with the local business owner Tasha Burton of Belle Butters and popular YouTube personality and healthy lifestyle champion Fran. It was another opportunity to be around like minded individuals. I must say that I attend a fair amount of events and this was put together well. I met people I had never seen before. I'm glad Fran and Tasha's fan bases showed up and out. It had it's kinks, (insert rimshot) but mostly it was good. I do appreciate that while hair is what brought us together is was not the majority of the conversation. I was so glad there were no tutorials. There were vendors and light refreshments and entertainment. I enjoyed Thelonius Kryptonite but I felt that this wasn't his scene. Corey Black came through and delivered poetry that charmed and stroked the egos of the black women . While both talents were appreciated, I felt like the lady dj would have been enough. I must be honest, I don't purchase a lot of products for my hair and skin. I do really like Tasha's products, despite me being a burgeoning frugalista, I will occasionally buy her wares. Thanks to YouTube and sites like Fran's, I know how to whip some things up, but I don't know everything and the science behind it. That's where this chat was helpful. The ladies gave insight to living a healthier existence. They shared their stories and struggles. Fran gave the secrets to her physique, (and how while she no longer indulges, just the mention of Popeye's gives her goosebumps, lol) Tasha gave the scoop on how to keep your black from cracking and how combining their tips with your own research can help you build and maintain your regimen. Tasha gave out good business advice. She touched on perseverance, faith, and belief in oneself. Both ladies stayed after to take pictures and answer questions. I enjoyed myself and can't wait for the next event of this type.I think the turnout was good, it showed that Midwest wants more events like this and that when folk come into town, they see that we will support. Maybe it can/should be a series featuring other bloggers and social media personalities?  
That's Fran of  HeyFranHey and yours truly after we had a good chat about blogging.
She is sweet like agave nectar, lol