Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm baaaaaackkk! Another installment of late night mood music, another peek into my burgeoning audiophile-ness. Let me present you to The Stuyvesants.  This is one is mostly instrumental fused with retro gold. Sit back, lay down, crack open that book, sip that drink, cuddle up, etc. This group right here is wonderful.  I'm biased because I like them and it's my blog. Deal. Wit. It.  You can download their music for FREE.99.You all know I likes to get mine for the low, low. (Hey Tasha, that's for you,lol) But, if you're so inclined support these men by purchasing a shirt.
(Okay, so these guys never said they grew up in that famed project, but they do rep Brooklyn)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Late night mood music-Wale

I took advantage of the crazy snow on this spring day here in STL, I caught on music, film, and NCAA. Quality time was spent and overdue phone calls were made.
This is one of my favorite artists. He's constantly on the grind while trying to remain true to him and not give in to the fame machine. I've been down since the first mixtape. This single gives us a peek into the softer side of Wale. It's off his latest mixtape, Folarin that debuted Christmas Eve 2012. Enjoy...