Monday, July 23, 2012

A Heroic Feat

Last week at the premiere of the new Batman movie, a man decided to end the lives of many. He opened fire in a crowded theater.Twelve innocent people were killed and 58 were injured 9 critically injured and are still hospitalized. In the midst of the chaos, a young man saw that a mother and her two children were struggling to get to safety. He made the decision to risk his life in order to save this woman and her children after the boyfriend abandoned them and drove home. Following is a interview with both Jarell Brooks and Patricia Legarreta. I'm glad to hear of a silver lining in this tragedy. Batman would be proud... Watch More News Videos at ABC
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*I'm giving a major side eye to Patricia and the reporter for discussing the proposal from her boyfriend*

Monday, July 2, 2012

Cat calls, subways, and plenty of walking

Hi all, Today was my first day in NYC and after having some troubles checking into our "hotel", Jenny, Danielle, and I had a blast! We hit Times Square and bought some souvenirs. Ate a spicy sausage from a street vendor, witnessed too many able bodied children being pushed in strollers, took some pictures and shopped a bit.
After Times Square we hopped on the train and headed over to 116th St in Spanish Harlem for some delicious NY style pizza from Sam's.
After that meal, we walked further into Harlem
and got to experience some REAL New Yorkers, lol.By that I mean a specific group of men who were hanging out in front of the liquor store and threw various cat calls our way. After kicking for a couple of hours, our friend/tour guide/ surrogate mama Danielle reluctantly allowed us to ride the train back to the "hotel" by ourselves.
After a long day of walking and enjoying my girls' company, my body is tired. I'm turning in for the evening. I'm tuckered out, but I can't wait to see and then tell you all what I get into tomorrow.

Wheels up!

Good morning all, It's EARLY. Like we got to the airport at like 4AM (no Melanie Fiona though).Me and one of my besties Jenny are headed to NYC to visit our girl Danielle. We are beyond excited. While waiting to board the plane I see the usual families and such, $7 breakfast burritos, and overly tanned passengers. This is both of our first time flying and thankfully my bossy nature has come in handy. I was here to keep JThunda calm, cool and collected. I plan to blog this week about our various (mis)adventures while visiting. I don't know what to expect besides late nights, countless cocktails, culture, and tons of east coast swag. I'm (we're) ready. WHEELS UP! Pictured below are Jenny and I, oily faced in the airport.