Monday, July 2, 2012

Wheels up!

Good morning all, It's EARLY. Like we got to the airport at like 4AM (no Melanie Fiona though).Me and one of my besties Jenny are headed to NYC to visit our girl Danielle. We are beyond excited. While waiting to board the plane I see the usual families and such, $7 breakfast burritos, and overly tanned passengers. This is both of our first time flying and thankfully my bossy nature has come in handy. I was here to keep JThunda calm, cool and collected. I plan to blog this week about our various (mis)adventures while visiting. I don't know what to expect besides late nights, countless cocktails, culture, and tons of east coast swag. I'm (we're) ready. WHEELS UP! Pictured below are Jenny and I, oily faced in the airport.

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