Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's A Celebration B*****s!!

  As I lie here in my Forever Lazy, I'm just replaying last night's events. I've got the BEST friends and family in the world. They threw your girl a New Orleans themed surprise party! They got me, I had no clue. I thought I was going to a singles mixer. I got cute in hopes of meeting some good men. We get to my homegirl's house and folk start yelling "SURPRISE!!" while 2nd line music plays in the background. They adorned me with beads and the decor fit in with the theme. My friends know that while I am not from NOLA, the music, men, food, drinks, the city itself intoxicates me. It was perfect. They even had my parents in on it! They gave my daddy very few details because he and I talk everyday and he definitely would've ruined, it. My mama's job was to make sure I actually went and not come home after work and put on sweatpants, lol. Friends and family came out to kick it with me drink hurricanes, and dance to ratchet favorites old and new. I consider myself an amateur twerk team member especially when I get that drank in me. Just throw on my Waka Flaka weakness and watch me, LOL. Sadly, with all the camera phones no pictures were taken, we have only memories to be  replayed and recalled from last night. Today is my actual birthday and I don't even know how to spend it. Words can not express the gratitude and love that I feel. I'm just turning 26, this isn't typically a birthday that people go all out for. I do feel that since this happened that my year is going to be altogether different. There must be some changes coming. I'm so thankful, and still a bit tipsy, but I feel wrapped in love and there's no better way to greet my new year than that.

*How I felt last night. and I'm sure I made this face . LOL

Monday, November 11, 2013

(Not so) Late night finds for the sonically inclined-Ahmed Sirour

Unfortunately, I didn't get to make it to the Trombone Shorty concert tonight because I'm trying to be responsible with my funds. I had a pleasant time anyway though. On this rainy night I've been up thinking,reflecting, watching movies and just enjoying my silence before the work week starts. I've been listening to this man for months and if I ever have an opening of some sort, or when I have a house warming he will definitely be on the playlist. I love soothing music that makes you feel sexier just by listening to it. Ahmed does that for me. Enjoy the following clip. Support.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Repost- 10 Wonderful Ways to Embarrass Yourself

The following comes directly from a great blog call All the Many Layers. It is chock full of inspiration, style, and flair. I just happened upon it, but trust I'll be visiting it often. This particular entry stood out because I'm always on  the search of being my best self and have realized that includes doing things I've never done. The journey to fulfillment and self-love doesn't have to be hard work all the time. Enjoy life and laugh. So I'm passing this on to you, in hopes that you learn to embarrass yourself wonderfully.

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”  | Eleanor Roosevelt

1 – Confess. Declare your wildest dreams and your scariest nightmares. Admit what you’re ashamed of and what keeps you up at night. Talk about it, write about it; turn the emotion into creation. Get naked and do it often. Feel the sun warm your skin.

2 – Try something new. Don’t ignore your longings or play hard to get. Be a curiosity whore. If you like it, give it a chance. Say yes to yourself. Be easy. Give it up. If it’s good to you, if it opens you, come back for more.

3 – Be in love with something. Make love in public. Show off the stars in your eyes. Be a freaking genius at loving that thing. Love it without apology.  Wholeheartedly and passionately. Write love letters and share them with the whole world. Co-create with your love thing.

4 – Disagree. With conviction, without malice, in quiet or out loud. Believe in something. Love your differences. Carve yourself out. Dance all alone, with everyone watching.

5 – Admit you don’t know. Ask simple, basic questions. Be more concerned with understanding than being cool or all knowing. Humility is brilliance.

6 – Say What You’re Really Thinking. If it needs to be said, say it.   Expose the heart of the matter. Don't let nice become more important than real.  Claim the truth. Grab it by the balls.

7 – Disappoint someone. In order to be true to yourself. Make difficult decisions that teach you how to be your own advocate. Silence your "shoulds" and listen to your needs. Forget what you were taught. Be your own defiance.

8 – Make a mess.  Make a fool of yourself, a cluster of fumbles. Fall down, get dirty, get bruised. Let the world know that you are in the game and you won’t quit.

9 – Fall apart. Have a breakdown. Cry. Feel the burn. Let it cleanse you.
10 – Stand in the spotlight. Show all your colors.  Let them stare.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

It ain't easy living green...

Yesterday, I attended the "Belle Butters Presents: Hey Fran Hey | Natural Living Hair & Health" event. It was held in downtown STL and we got to meet, mix, and mingle with the local business owner Tasha Burton of Belle Butters and popular YouTube personality and healthy lifestyle champion Fran. It was another opportunity to be around like minded individuals. I must say that I attend a fair amount of events and this was put together well. I met people I had never seen before. I'm glad Fran and Tasha's fan bases showed up and out. It had it's kinks, (insert rimshot) but mostly it was good. I do appreciate that while hair is what brought us together is was not the majority of the conversation. I was so glad there were no tutorials. There were vendors and light refreshments and entertainment. I enjoyed Thelonius Kryptonite but I felt that this wasn't his scene. Corey Black came through and delivered poetry that charmed and stroked the egos of the black women . While both talents were appreciated, I felt like the lady dj would have been enough. I must be honest, I don't purchase a lot of products for my hair and skin. I do really like Tasha's products, despite me being a burgeoning frugalista, I will occasionally buy her wares. Thanks to YouTube and sites like Fran's, I know how to whip some things up, but I don't know everything and the science behind it. That's where this chat was helpful. The ladies gave insight to living a healthier existence. They shared their stories and struggles. Fran gave the secrets to her physique, (and how while she no longer indulges, just the mention of Popeye's gives her goosebumps, lol) Tasha gave the scoop on how to keep your black from cracking and how combining their tips with your own research can help you build and maintain your regimen. Tasha gave out good business advice. She touched on perseverance, faith, and belief in oneself. Both ladies stayed after to take pictures and answer questions. I enjoyed myself and can't wait for the next event of this type.I think the turnout was good, it showed that Midwest wants more events like this and that when folk come into town, they see that we will support. Maybe it can/should be a series featuring other bloggers and social media personalities?  
That's Fran of  HeyFranHey and yours truly after we had a good chat about blogging.
She is sweet like agave nectar, lol

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back down memory lane...

This time of year always makes me a bit misty eyed. It reminds me of when I started college, and even more importantly when I joined the band. My bestie sent me a video of the yearly merge of freshman and upperclassmen bands and it inspired me to write this. If you don't know, being in a Black college band is like a full time job. Seriously. All night practices, road trips, intense training, etc. It started with band camp in August of 2005 with the full fire heat of the Mississippi sun beaming down on me. General meet and greet with the people who would be the only ones I knew for the next 4-5 months. Then our parents left and the craziness began. Now you must understand being in band in other parts of the country pales in comparison to being in one in the South. I went from being first chair and band president in my high school to last chair before the sun set. Next morning, it got real. I'm dressed in all white standing with my peers before dawn. It was still dark out and the next thing we hear is someone running and then another yells "YOU BETTER  NOT LET HER BEAT YOU!!!" So we take off running, and it begins. A month  full of military style physical training and intense musical rehearsals weeding out the ones not built for The BOOM. It was a challenge to say the least but I couldn't let them defeat me. My parents had allowed me to go school so far away from them and I had made the decision that I wasn't going down without a fight. It paid off, I made it. I had the ugliest and oldest baritone, but it projected every wrong note that I hit, LOL. I couldn't hide. With the help of my crab brothers and sisters I got better. I had to, getting worse and quitting wasn't an option. This time of my life was one of learning, living, discovery, and growth. I became stronger, both physically and mentally. Being in a section that is 99% male definitely changed me. I have so many memories that I could share with you all about this time but I won't, not now anyway. What I will share is a video that I found on YouTube of my first home halftime show against Texas Southern University. I was approached by the lead Drum Major to be apart of a skit and after a couple hours of consideration and discussion with one of my besties, I agreed. With much trepidation, of course. In the video, I'm the one in the middle dancing while the band plays David Banner's Play . My heart was beating so fast and we practiced that skit numerous times (s/o to my CS Bianca she's on the left). I distinctly remember one of the last practices before we performed, I was on the ground in a split and Mr. Murray was yelling and telling me to "BOUNCE IT! BOUNCE IT!" You can't imagine how strange that was. I can laugh about it now. I was only in The Boom one year, but that year changed me forever. I don't look at challenges the same, I don't listen to music the same and I'm not the same girl that walked into that band room so many years ago. Because of band, Jackson State, Mississippi, John Phillip Sousa, Secret Garden (Quincy Jones' version) and The Temptations' Get Ready will always hold a special place in my heart.


(You can watch the whole video, but the skit starts around 7:30)
That's me in the center, I didn't get permission from the other people in this picture. I posted this because you can't see my face in the video. They probably don't read this blog anyway though, lol.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Late night finds for the Sonically Inclined- Sohn

Another installment for those of you who dig good music. Check out this this group Sohn (English translation is sun). They're from Vienna/London and their sound is soulful.  Give them a listen, if you like them pass it on.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Intellectual thoughts since the verdict

Since the slap in the face of the Not Guilty verdict has been passed down there have been so many articles, posts, rants and raves from both sides. The following clip is of author Toni Morrison explaining the issue of White Supremacy. I find it to be a precise summation. You don't have to agree with her or with me, but listen and you might learn something.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

For the sonically inclined...The Flatbush Zombies

'Sup, I know it's been a while since I've posted. I can't believe I let a whole month and a half pass though, I've got to do better. Black Music Month is well on its way so I'm go to throw this in. Anyway, today I'm introducing to some and displaying to others the hip-hop trio The Flatbush Zombies. They aren't your average rappers, and I mean that in the best way possible. If you're like me and always looking for what's next in music, genre be damned, then get into these guys. They're underground but not so deep that they can't be featured on Jay-z's website Life+Times. (I forgot his site was this good.) Enough of my chatter, get some newness into your life. Download.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Okay, so two of my favorite artists have collaborated and made me pause my world. I'd been hearing murmurs of this on Afro-punk. Then the song dropped and now they've blessed us with a visual. I'm referring to genre bending Janelle Monae and the soulful Ms. Erykah Badu aka Low down Loretta Brown . I won't say much more just watch and enjoy. "You can clip my wings, but I'm still going to fly..."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm baaaaaackkk! Another installment of late night mood music, another peek into my burgeoning audiophile-ness. Let me present you to The Stuyvesants.  This is one is mostly instrumental fused with retro gold. Sit back, lay down, crack open that book, sip that drink, cuddle up, etc. This group right here is wonderful.  I'm biased because I like them and it's my blog. Deal. Wit. It.  You can download their music for FREE.99.You all know I likes to get mine for the low, low. (Hey Tasha, that's for you,lol) But, if you're so inclined support these men by purchasing a shirt.
(Okay, so these guys never said they grew up in that famed project, but they do rep Brooklyn)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Late night mood music-Wale

I took advantage of the crazy snow on this spring day here in STL, I caught on music, film, and NCAA. Quality time was spent and overdue phone calls were made.
This is one of my favorite artists. He's constantly on the grind while trying to remain true to him and not give in to the fame machine. I've been down since the first mixtape. This single gives us a peek into the softer side of Wale. It's off his latest mixtape, Folarin that debuted Christmas Eve 2012. Enjoy...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Resolutions needed

Animated Happy New Year 2013 GIFs

Now that bubbly has been popped, confetti swept up, glow mouthpieces turned off, and various superstitious food eaten,  let's get settled into this new year. First, a quick look back. 2012 was a good year for me. I've been blessed beyond measure. I lost some lbs, I'm more active, I found African dance, I met some great new people, I made some extra income, made myself happy,paid off some debt , improved my credit score, and your girl got a lot of play from the opposite sex. I don't know if my pheromones were working overtime or what but they were making themselves known, lol.
 Many people make New Year's resolutions in January. Lose weight, quit a dead end job, learn new languages,etc. Nothing wrong with that or the people who make them. Some actually accomplish these goals, most don't. Check on them around March Madness and many have fallen off their respective wagons. Not I said the cat. I'm just trying to become a better version of me. I know who I am and in which areas I lack. No need to make a list and broadcast it to the world. My goal everyday is to be better than the day before. I want the same for you, so by the end of 2013 we can both look back and say "look at that, that list looming over my head wasn't missed. I made the changes for me and not for onlookers." This is merely a suggestion, if making a physical list works for you then honey don't let me stop you. As for me I'm taking a different approach. I wish for you a blessed, safe, happy, loving, prosperous new year.