Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's A Celebration B*****s!!

  As I lie here in my Forever Lazy, I'm just replaying last night's events. I've got the BEST friends and family in the world. They threw your girl a New Orleans themed surprise party! They got me, I had no clue. I thought I was going to a singles mixer. I got cute in hopes of meeting some good men. We get to my homegirl's house and folk start yelling "SURPRISE!!" while 2nd line music plays in the background. They adorned me with beads and the decor fit in with the theme. My friends know that while I am not from NOLA, the music, men, food, drinks, the city itself intoxicates me. It was perfect. They even had my parents in on it! They gave my daddy very few details because he and I talk everyday and he definitely would've ruined, it. My mama's job was to make sure I actually went and not come home after work and put on sweatpants, lol. Friends and family came out to kick it with me drink hurricanes, and dance to ratchet favorites old and new. I consider myself an amateur twerk team member especially when I get that drank in me. Just throw on my Waka Flaka weakness and watch me, LOL. Sadly, with all the camera phones no pictures were taken, we have only memories to be  replayed and recalled from last night. Today is my actual birthday and I don't even know how to spend it. Words can not express the gratitude and love that I feel. I'm just turning 26, this isn't typically a birthday that people go all out for. I do feel that since this happened that my year is going to be altogether different. There must be some changes coming. I'm so thankful, and still a bit tipsy, but I feel wrapped in love and there's no better way to greet my new year than that.

*How I felt last night. and I'm sure I made this face . LOL

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