Monday, July 2, 2012

Cat calls, subways, and plenty of walking

Hi all, Today was my first day in NYC and after having some troubles checking into our "hotel", Jenny, Danielle, and I had a blast! We hit Times Square and bought some souvenirs. Ate a spicy sausage from a street vendor, witnessed too many able bodied children being pushed in strollers, took some pictures and shopped a bit.
After Times Square we hopped on the train and headed over to 116th St in Spanish Harlem for some delicious NY style pizza from Sam's.
After that meal, we walked further into Harlem
and got to experience some REAL New Yorkers, lol.By that I mean a specific group of men who were hanging out in front of the liquor store and threw various cat calls our way. After kicking for a couple of hours, our friend/tour guide/ surrogate mama Danielle reluctantly allowed us to ride the train back to the "hotel" by ourselves.
After a long day of walking and enjoying my girls' company, my body is tired. I'm turning in for the evening. I'm tuckered out, but I can't wait to see and then tell you all what I get into tomorrow.


  1. Hey hun, so excited you wanna join! Here is the picture link to the BFSC badge :)