Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer, summer, summer time

It's getting out chere and if you're like me, you want to show off those curves in this heat. I know that it may be difficult for some us due to various insecurities. Sugar you are going to have to get over that and quick because if you don't enjoy yourself because of what other may say, your going to be pissed off, sweaty, and lonely for a long time. I sweat if I even think about the sun too hard,lol. Seriously though, I refuse to sweat in long pants and sleeves because the fashion police feel I should cover all my good and jiggly bits. I invite you join me in the Big Fat Summer Challenge. Ladies (and gents) step outside the box, break the mold. Stop sweating those lumps, and bumps. If you don't think you're sexy, nobody will. I'll see you in the sun honeys. Pictures of you tackling the outfit challenge would be appreciated...


  1. Very nice! But please tell me, what are Jiggly Bits? :)

    1. Thank you love. Lol, Jiggly Bits are those body parts that may continue to move after you have stopped. That's my definition anyway.