Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stand Up- RIP Trayvon Martin

If you haven't been following the news let me catch you up. 17 year old Trayvon Martin of Miami, FL was murdered in cold blood because of racial profiling in February.(We won't discuss how long it's taken for the mainstream media to get hold of this.) Meanwhile, the killer, George Zimmerman has yet to be arrested. This is beyond crazy. This man was not a police officer he had no right to follow this young man. On the 911 tapes you can clearly hear Trayvon's cries for help. Trayvon could be anyone of our brothers, nephews, cousins,etc. Trayvon deserves justice.We need to stand together no matter your race. A young black man's life is just as valuable as anyone else's. The following video is of US Representative Frederica Wilson as she explains what needs to be done. STAND UP. A link to one of the 911 calls follows the video. Sign the petition. 911 call

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