Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shake what ya mama gave ya??

I like most sane people love to laugh, dance, rap in my room with my pink and leopard print studio headphones while I practice my deejaying skills...OH that last one may just be one of my fave pastimes, but I digress. We all enjoy merriment in some form or another. I like to think that on most days I'm  95% classy, 3% hood, and 2% other. Within that 3% lies my being a twerker at heart (just ask my besties, lol). With that being said I think my skills are fine, not make my own YouTube video to display them or give a tutorial but they're more than respectable. That leads me to these two young ladies, Kelli and Brittani (note the spelling, it's reminiscent of "Lysterine with 'y', NOT an 'i'). In the video they display the twerking skills Kelli's mama taught them. I wonder how many bands it would take to make them stop dancing?  I'll let you make your own judgments about this...

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