Sunday, January 2, 2011

Introducing ...Theophilus London

If you're like me than you appreciate good music. My latest find is Theophilus London (that's his real name too, folks) . He's a Brooklyn born and raised rapper that makes "forward thinking, innovative pop music, when you listen to my music you feel loved." Theophilus is definitely not your average NY MC. He has been described He doesn't follow trends he sets them. Don't believe me, check out his spread in December's GQ., I read GQ. I actually learn a lot from it, and it's entertaining.) His music is unlike anything that's probably playing on your ipod, or radio. He combines hip hop, pop, afro-pop, techno, and punk to produce his own sound.He has a familiar sound but yet different, fresh even. His style and his videos aren't your run of the mill, pour champagne on a pretty girl while I ride around in this Benz. I'm not dissing that type of music but his music and that music are different yet similar. I won't analyze them here just know that this artist isn't doing the stanky leg but he is doing his "Theo shuffle" but it won't be the basis of a dance craze, lol. Don't let the experimental sound of his music deter you from checking him out. Theophilus is a lyricist, without a doubt. He has yet to drop a major label debut but his mixtapes (JAM!,I Want You, and This Charming Mixtape) have generated enough buzz for this Brooklyn boy to travel overseas on tour with 8track (one of Kanye's preferred producers/collaborators for the past 5 years). This music is good different, he has thought and stepped out of the proverbial box that a lot of rappers are in. If you give him a chance you won't be sorry. Remember who put you on first. ENJOY!!

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