Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10- Bill Becoat

Most people's approach to life is not to reinvent the wheel, but Bill Becoat did just that and it has put him into the history books. Bill Becoat invented the gear that turns the standard bicycle into a two wheel drive machine. Having two-wheel drive gives the rider more control and the freedom to ride in different terrains. Becoat is an accomplished blues musician and small business owner. In the late 80s while fixing his son's bike he stumbled upon this idea to make bike riding easier. After much trouble, he got his idea patented in over 32 countries including China (1993), financed,and manufactured. We are all now enjoying the fruits of his labor and he is peddling that bike all the way to the bank. This is just an example of Black History being current and effecting not just the nation, but the world.

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