Monday, October 3, 2011

That's why I love T.I.

TI, TIP, KING, Clifford Harris. Whatever you choose to call him, you know his name. Whether you know him for his rapping, acting, arrests, community service or life saving tactics (see here) you have to respect him. Well, you don't have to but I do. There is something about that man that no matter what he does I can't stay mad at him. Guns, fighting, drugs, jail. I CANNOT. Maybe because I feel like I know him. He's like the protagonist of real life if real life was an epic saga (think Gilgmesh) . He has tragic flaws but he's a good guy. Case and point, this past weekend at an after party for the BET Hip Hop awards alongside the music, dancing and reverie. There was alcohol, celebrities, common folk and CELEBRITY EGOS. Namely Diddy's. Some guys decided to be different and drink Grey Goose and not Ciroc. Little did they know, that them using their free will would cause Diddy to berate them. In comes TI. Passionate, level headed and full of common sense to diffuse the situation. I definitely love and appreciate him for who and what he is. Okay enough my Stan feelings about TI, lol. Watch the clip below to see how it all unfolds. Afterwards cue the Be Easy track.

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