Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yeah I write poetry sometimes...

Here's the deal. I like to express my feelings, thoughts,and opinions. Sometimes in the form of poetry, but I rarely let people see or even know that I do so. I don't like people assuming that just because I rock a FIERCE natural and enjoy Neo-soul, and brown rice that I participate in poetry slams. I don't, I won't say I never will but I don't as of today. ANYWAY, I'm feeling courageous so I am going to share my latest piece with you. If you don't like it I do not want to know. What can I say? I'm sensitive.

Jezzie’s Lament
You know what I hear time and time again? “Jessiree, why do you treat these guys that way? You act as if you’ve got ice water coursing through your veins” No sugar, not true. No ice in my heart or veins, I just refuse to be driven insane by these “too cool for school” types guys, these “hit and never think of you again” type guys, these” baby you’re just too good for me that’s why we could never be” type guys. Save it for someone who doesn’t know any better. I understand we all have to take our lumps in the pursuit of finding our happily ever afters, but I decided to take fewer and yield the same results. I decided to be proactive in my interactions with men. If you don’t call, don’t expect me to.  Baby I’m not sorry to report that I won’t be chasing you. Not by text, missed calls, tweets or wall posts. If you don’t recognize the real when you see it there’s nothing I can do to make you believe it. When I show interest and it is returned with a blank stare, I switch gears. I’m not the type to stay around to see how long it takes you to care.  So when we finally do reconnect, if it seems like I’m surrounded by an air of nonchalance, it’s because I am. .” I don’t want to hear how much you’ve missed me, because my response will simply be “Awww, that’s sweet.” That’s the God’s honest truth .I won’t allow myself to give a damn about man who doesn’t know how true, pure, and good I am.  You won’t get the chance to squeeze this Charmin, darling. I may not be perfect, but I’m perfect for somebody. It may not be you and that’s cool, no hard feelings boo. I just don’t want you to lie to me, cause I won’t lie to you. I don’t want to be your “kick it girl”, you know the one you call when you have that itch that needs to be scratched. You can miss me with all that.  I want to be in love and be booed up all year long. I’m better than a midnight booty call. You have to admit that we’re both getting to old for that type of behavior. I’m a grown woman and like you I demand love and respect and if you can’t handle that then it’s “on to the next, on, on to the next one.”  If you want to play then I can too. It’s just game that we both may lose. I’m no loser, I play to win and in this game of hearts we can both be victorious if you just grow up and let me in. 

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