Friday, November 18, 2011

What YOU know about The Foreign Exchange?!

New Tigallo, New Tigallo, New Tigallo is what they call him. You may know him as Phonte, or 1/2 of super group The Foreign Exchange. The other member of the gruesome twosome is Nicolay, aka the baddest man from the Netherlands, or as I like to think of him The skyscraper of soul. This past Monday night (11/14/11) was the highly anticipated FE show here in the STL. I'd known about the show for a while but since I couldn't get off early, I was thinking about skipping it. I'm glad I thought about it again and didn't. I left at work at nine and after a struggle in the parking garage me and one of my besties (hey Jenny!) headed to the show. As soon as  I stepped in the door and immediately I felt relaxed. (Cue Beanie Sigel's "Feel It In the Air) I'm not a stressed out person but I'd had a long day and had an early tomorrow looming in my mind. Nevertheless, I let the music take me away. They played music from all of their albums :Connected, Leave it All Behind, Authenticity. Phonte did some joints from his solo project Charity Starts At Home. They even gave their band mates some time to shine. Sy Smith is bubbling over with talent. ZO! is an artist in his own right. He may play the keys for the band but he has his own works too. (see Just Visiting three and SunStorm). The show was FABULOUS! I hope my energy comes across my in type because that's just how serious I am. I love great music, even more so when it's live and they did not disappoint. Everyone was enjoying themselves and shaking the stress of the day away. People started to electric slide they feeling it so much. ( I didn't because I have my own issues with it that won't be discussed here) The vibe in the building was one that was just inviting. It was refreshing because STL crowds can be difficult. FE made me feel like I was apart of the show. I saw folk I hadn't seen in months. I love how music can bring us together. The band had us all singing our hearts out and meeting new people. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have been a fan but this just made me love them even more. FE & friends shared themselves with me and my fellow concert goers that night and that experienced is not something that I take lightly. FE encourages/mandates us to fight for love and good music. I even bought a $20 t-shirt! And if you know me, you know that that's a big deal, a dub on t-shirt in these times ain't nothing to play about. I took some video of the concert. I know it's not the best quality but it's the best I could do to give you a piece of the magic from that night. Enjoy!

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