Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Living Single

Actress Vonetta McGhee reigning supreme in her space
Hopefully the title made you think of the fabulous 90s series. It remains one of my favorite shows. I won't get started on how much I love that show. This post is about living alone while being young, gifted, quirky and Black.

It's been 14 months since I began living alone and I am still learning valuable lessons, but loving every minute of my solitude. Of course my parents worry, but that's what they do. I embrace it. This is what I've been wanting since I was youngin' watching Khadijah & her crew. I took the Max route though. The longing to live alone really reared its head when I moved back to STL in 2008. Don't get me wrong, I really didn't mind living with my parents. Living rent free was awesome. We were growing together and learning each other as adults. Things were just changing. I wanted to have my own space to be loud, quiet or pant-less in. So my living situation has gone from living with my immediate family 5 siblings and parents, to 3 siblings and parents, then dormitory living, next was a shared apartment, then back home to my parents and 1 sibling. All the while having to share bathrooms, lol. Now it's just me and of course the occasional visitor.
Despite the crooning of Three Dog Night, one is NOT the loneliest number. I'm the queen of this castle. Of course  that's my bra on the floor and my mismatched socks on the table. I have learned the beauty of making a mad dash to get back to my fortress of solitude. Why yes, I am leaving this event early. Where am I going? Home, where I can be pant-less in peace and not be stared at strangely because of it. Bye.

Here are some things I've learned from living on my own:
1) The entire apartment is my room! There are things strewn about. It is organized chaos. Depending on our relationship, I may let you see it at its worse.
2) I never close the bathroom door. I have to remind myself to do this when company's over.
3) I constantly talk to myself.
4) There's always enough food for one. The meal may not be conventional, but hey it'll do.
5) I'm messy. 
6) I do make every effort to be a good hostess. I was raised right, lol.
7) Being pant-less is everything!
8) Budgeting is a must honey. Having more month than money is undesirable.
9) My offers from the opposite sex have increased exponentially, lol. 
10) I don't mind drinking alone

What I've come to realize is that living alone will enhance your quirkiness. I'm different, I know this but being alone has and continues to fine tune it. I'm not out here like Kramer getting rid of all my furniture in lieu of "levels". Trust and believe that there are #quirksonquirksonquirks. Living alone provides time to explore and revel in your private self. You are the best twerker, singer, chef, and yogi. To quote Remy Ma "See this ain't nothing that you're used to, out of the ordinary unusual You gotta have the mind state that I'm so great can't nobody do like you. Miraculous phenomenal ain't nobody in here stopping you..."

If you've never lived alone I implore you to try it. The feeling of coming home to your own space and being able to be peaceful. I know that when I decide to live with someone again they'll have to have lived on their own so we can re-socialize together, lol.

The soundtrack to this post is Billy Joel's Movin Out


  1. Yes!! I crave this so much right now in my life. It will happen soon. Thanks for the motivation. #ilovedlivingsinglealso

  2. Go for it, sis! I'm glad I could help.