Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Are Our Only Solution

Recently, St.Louis,Mo was given the ugly title of "Most dangerous city in America." Since that news report, it has been a free for all for senseless and vicious crimes in the area. Most notably, a killing at funeral, and just last night on CHRISTMAS, a teenager was killed and several others wounded outside of a nightclub. The violence has to stop. These kids need to see that shooting and looting aren't the way to the top. There are very few Real gangsters who are alive and doing well. Most who live in the street and get their money by harming others die the same way or get caught and spend their lives in prison. I want better for them for us. I have my own opinion on why the city is crumbling right in front us. The breakdown of the family structure,lack of religion, morals, respect, and false bravado shown and encouraged by older "thugs and gangsters" are the main source of blame. We need to be teaching the youth and showing them how to live, thrive and be successful without the use of a gun. Our older relatives did it and so can we.We all talk about how things need to change and they do, but how do we get started? We need to stop relying on government officials to just hand us a solution. Of course we all want a better life, but there are certain ways to go about things.If all of us who want to see change leave the neighborhood for greener pastures then it will be left to the vagrants that plaguing us now.Instead of hightailing it, let's stay around and start the change we want to see. It's sad to say, but they have their own agendas and we are not it. As many problems hindered the real intent of the Black Panther Party, they had good ideas at their core. They wanted help the under served and overlooked and in doing so, teach them to be better for themselves and their families. That's what it is going to take for us to reach out and save each other. We need to start being accountable for what is going on around us. Everyone is not against us, we are against ourselves. Better decision making skills about who we choose to lay and reproduce with are needed. Respect for our spiritual selves is needed. Strong communities need to be revived so it will be safe for us to raise a family and to sleep at night. Each new generation is supposed to be a link in the chain, our bridge to the future. Our bridge is falling and the chain has ceased to be. We can prove the racists and naysayers wrong.Yes, I said racists. That practice is still alive and well and they are rooting for our failure. Every shooting, every crime that we commit against each other puts a smile on their faces. If you read some of the commentary on the news sites you would be appalled, you would think we stepped into a time machine, and that progress had not been made. What many people fail to realize is that every crime and infraction done to us by us, is like a blemish that we can't get rid of. It's ammunition for their small minded comments. We can come together and make a change. We need to start taking action before things become even worse. The keyword is 'WE' I can not do it alone and neither can you, the village is needed so WE can heal.

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